The iPhone 5 LEICA case

The iphone 5 Leica case.
thin leather, forged aluminum.
By Maxime de Keiser 
for Les Forges MDK.


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    By all accounts designer Maxime de Keiser of Les Forges MDK can do no wrong. After recently debuting the DeLorean iPhone case, the designer now has another trick up his sleeve with the introduction of these Leica iPhone 5 cases.
    Keiser has been designing products like this for years, and each of his offerings seem to get better than the last. The cases are offered up in four different leather color options, all of which have been stamped with a tiny red and white Leica logo on the bottom the corner. Just like the Back to the Future cases, these are nothing more than concepts for the time being. Seeing how much attention Keiser has been receiving for his design skills, we are hoping that someday his products will start to become a reality. [Via]

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    A few months ago we featured a gorgeous DeLorean-inspired iPhone 5 concept case, and now we present an iPhone 5 concept case inspired by Leica. Also designed by Les Forges MDK, the case features the German camera manufacturer’s signature aesthetic transposed onto an iPhone 5 case. The Leica logo makes an appearance as do four differently colored leather backings. Most impressive is the detailing around the iPhone’s tiny lens. Unfortunately, the case will most likely not see production anytime soon but we can always pray, can’t we?

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    蘋果iPhone保護殼何其多,但海外設計師Maxime de Keiser的工作團隊Les Forges MDK始終能吸引你的眼球,他打造了此款相當特別的保護殼——將德國相機製造商Leica的標誌性相機外觀設計賦予到iPhone5身上,頓時讓簡約的蘋果機身也擁有了奢華厚重的質感!這設計對於Leica粉絲來說無疑是必備之物,但這個讓人愛不釋手的手機殼暫時還處於概念階段,除了皮質部份吸引人之外, Leica logo和相機鏡頭處的小細節都讓人動心不已。雖然此作品不一定投產,但無疑設計師Keiser已經因為出色的設計功力獲得了不少關注,他的作品應該有朝一日也能成為我們手上的實物吧?

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    An iPhone is only as important as its case. People take pride in picking a phone case that is going to not only protect their phone but make it look cool too. The DeLorean inspired concept case recently surfaced and that only means more will follow. Les Forges MDK decided to design another, this time inspired by Leica.
    Leica is a German brand that makes high-end, top of the line quality cameras. The Leica concept case is everything a camera design would be but it is compacted into a case. The concept design comes in four different color leather backings and is most detailed around the delicate iPhone camera lens. While this design is cool and looks great, the odds of it going to production are slim to none.

    Le designer allemand Maxime de Keiser de l’agence Les Forges MDK a un talent de fou. Il vient de publier son concept d’un étui iPhone de marque Leica. La marque n’a bien sur pas endossé le produit, mais elle le devrait ! Keiser a imaginé un étui qui allierait l’aluminium et du cuir véritable pour un résultat très élégant à l’image de la marque. On reconnait bien le logo rouge de Leica et il est possible de choisir 4 types de cuir.
    Le top aurait été d’intégrer un zoom optique au niveau du capteur, mais bon c’est un concept hein. Un bien beau concept.

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  7. Has there been any movement as to production of these cases?

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